East Otero School District has contracted with an outside vendor, Dave Benson and Iris Williams, to guide our district through the District Improvement Process. Our district was identified by the Colorado Department of Education for this process with a 3-year commitment to overall district improvement. This commitment also provides our district with $500,000 to be spent for specific improvement efforts and to support the necessary work as outlined in our goals. The District’s three goals include:


  1. Develop a Leadership Structure that defines roles, responsibilities, accountability measures and support. This goal will facilitate the need for a strong district improvement team and change the structure and function of building leadership teams.
  2. Develop a statement of beliefs and non-negotiables. This goal will identify and share throughout the district the statement of beliefs and instructional best-practices that will be uniform throughout the district.
  3. East Otero School District R-1 will develop an aligned K-12 curriculum with particular concern around Mathematics. This goal states that math will be the priority; however, as the new standards are cross-walked with the core standards all other content areas will be considered.
Targeted District Improvement Plan (TDIP) Information